AR-15 VS AK-47 Which is Better Suppressed?

So this argument has been raging for what seems like forever.

However, if you really look at the traditional rifles they aren’t really comparable. Both are intermediate cartridge firearms but that is about where the similarities end. The AK is a .30 caliber rifle designed to run as a machine gun, wielded by a poorly educated and poorly trained conscript soldier. Heck, you need a special tool to adjust the sights properly, because they didn’t want the ignorant peasants messing with them. The AR by contrast is a .20 caliber rifle designed for accurate marksmanship out to 600 meters. Soldiers are trained how to adjust their firearm on the fly and score hits.

BOTH guns have exceptional track records with indisputable kill counts, with the exceptions being the following:

The initial fielding of the AR-15 was disastrous because of a bureaucratic misstep that changed the characteristics of the ammunition at the last minute. This earned the rifle a reputation for poor reliability. Technological advancements driven by private sector innovation have since filled these gaps resulting in a modern rifle superior enough to be used by the elite militaries of the world.

The AK, has gone largely unchanged from its original design, but has been assigned the reputation of inaccurate. This is quite false, and has been found, through exhaustive testing, to be anecdotal. When you hand a rifle to an afghan child and tell him to spray and pray, he probably isn’t going to do well. Most grown men cant shoot this rifle well without proper training.

So we have established that the 2016 versions of these rifles are pretty much equal, especially when they have been broken by the ATF. Let’s evolve this conversation and talk about them as a suppressed rifle platform. As previously mentioned, comparing 5.56X45mm to 7.62X39mm is like comparing apples to oranges, or Israelis to Palestinians, You can make a fruit salad with apples and oranges, but we are pretty sure that the latter is where fire came from. SO, we have to convert one of these rifles to match the other. As a 5.45X39mm fanboy, I would love to use the AK-74. Unfortunately, Obama hates us and has banned the importation of all the good ammo and what we have left is not for play time. So our other choice is to add some beef to the AR and go with 300 BLK.

To do that we have converted this test to a video for your enjoyment:


Billy talks about 300 BLK

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