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Lets talk shop about Century Arms is known from their reputation as a major importer of all things AK related to the United States, even supplying many other manufacturers with components for their products. In the past Century has admitted that they had some QC issues. Central to those issues have been governmental control of parts flow and substandard components from overseas, among other things. 

To bring this all into focus Century embarked on the American AK program in the C39 and RAS series rifles. In doing so they have produced the first 100% American Made AK-47s. This allows them to fully control the whole process, start to finish, and develop a advancements like an American standard optics mount and nitride profile.

“America is the greatest country in the world. Other people can do things well, but when Americans do something its exceptional….We are going to put innovation and American Manufacturing might into the AK and make it the new American Rifle”

Century continues to import many designs from around the world, including the venerable TP9 series pistols. Turkish made, specifically to meet the demand of their military, they have made a huge splash on the US market by beating much of the competition in value per price. 


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