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Evaluating the Faxon ARAK-21 XRS

In addition to media production, VSO also participates in prototype and product development efforts. Our unique testing perspective highlights areas of weakness to help drive continuous product improvement. Located in southeastern Ohio, we experience all seasons and have the capability to replicate most environmental conditions.


There are a great number of internet experts out there and we do not suppose to adopt that title. However, as mentioned previously our team is very diverse and pulls experience from multiple fields. Our core testing team is comprised of the following:


Curtis R Hallstrom Jr. CRH VSO RESUME

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Testing Hex Mags

(1) US Military Personnel

(1) Law Enforcement Officer (active),

(1) NRA Certified Instructors

(1) Mechanical Engineer,

(1) Scientists

* Collectively the team has accrued over 40 years of experience carrying a concealed weapon and more than 70 years of general firearms experience.

With such variety in subject matter expertise and voluminous experience VSO can provide a comprehensive evaluation to drive product performance to the next level. Audio/visual capabilities may be employed to supplement technical reports upon request. All research, development, testing, and evaluation agreements, materials, and media are strictly confidential and FOUO. 

Besides direct testing and evaluation VSO also applies its experience in brand building and digital marketing to consult on various online business practices to include: Social Networking Integration for Business, Visual Media Integration for Business, Search Engine Optimization and Collaborative Business Empowerment.
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