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Midwest Industries is an all USA-made components manufacturer.  Starting with components for the AR-15 pattern rifle, Midwest has been developing some of the lightest components since their inception; the goal being to make it lighter and more ergonomic without sacrificing robustness. Midwest was one of the first companies to bring on board the M-Lok system and has centered several of its new designs around maximizing the integration of the attachment method thus making their products more compact.

Midwest has since branched out to include products for a plethora of firearms, including AK pattern rifles. Employing the aforementioned mantra, they are innovating in those platforms to make them more modular, user friendly and safe.



When we put together a functional rifle, size and weight constraints are a significant factor. If VSO needs to shave weight from a rifle, replacing stock components with Midwest counterparts is usually our first step. Additionally, Midwest has altered the traditional barrel nut attachment system to literally turn Ar-15s into adult Legos.

VSO is actively involved in testing on Generation 3, SP, Optic mounts, AK, and roller-lock product lines.

Looking objectively,  it is VSO’s opinion that Midwest is paying very close attention to its consumers and the direction they are moving with their firearms. This is most prominently displayed with the release of their new handguards and optics mounts in 2015, their AK line in 2016, and their Roller-Lock line in 2017.





We strongly encourage anyone seeking to purchase any firearm from any manufacturer to do their own research. VSO is an objective test bed and does not endorse the sale of any product.