Remington R51 TRY 2: NO DICE

THE REMINGTON R51. Sigh… I really wanted to like this pistol.

Here is a video review of the pistol, Filmed on 09/17/16 using a “Gen2” R51.

From the video description:

“The R51 is Remington’s first attempt at a small frame semi-automatic pistol. Specifically speaking, this firearm was produced for concealed carry by those with limited dexterity. To do this Remington employed the operating mechanism of the original Model 51, a Pedersen action (hesitation lock). The form of the weapon has also been brought up to date, sporting properly rounded surfaces conducive to drawing from concealment, generous serrations where needed and ambidextrous controls.

That is all the good stuff we can say about it- it’s a beautiful gun, but it doesn’t run. The pistol was announced at the 2014 Shot Show and released to the market some months later. The initial fielding of the gun was so inundated with issues that Remington issued a recall on the pistol. The pistol featured in this video is from the new release of the pistol earlier this year (2016).”

We had high hopes for this gun because it is an “old meets new”, a melding of new technology and old concepts. However, it seems that we are bearing witness to the modern manifestation of why the Browning design is so prolific in today’s handgun market.


For this video and initial testing we used ~150 Rounds of Prime Performance+ 124gn 9X19mm FMJ. Of those rounds used, we experienced a total of 12 malfunctions (failure rate of 8.0%) of the following denominations:

Type 1:  9

Type 2: 2

Type 3: 1

Prior to testing, 1 box (50 rounds) of Blazer Brass 115gn 9x19mm FMJ was fired through the handgun. VSO personnel were not present for this range session and did not document. The owner remarked that there were “several malfunctions” but did not specify type. This string was conducted with the firearm still in retail condition. Prior to VSO testing, the firearm was cleaned and Lubed with LPS 1 and inspected for damages/interferences. None were apparent.

While this test is far from scientific or statistically significant (sample size of one), based on our results we cannot recommend the Remington R51, at any price point, to be used as a tool in defense of life and liberty.


This test is not the “end-all-be-all” and we would be interested in testing this again, different gun(s), probably duplicate with a wider range of ammo. Is this something you would like to see?

Reference materials:
Military Arms Channel R51 initial Review:

Foreshadowing the future of the R51:


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