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Silencer Shop, brings everything suppressor related under one roof. The taxes, forms, and regulatory redSilencer Shop also co tape are already enough of a headache and the Goal of Silencer Shop is to streamline the process.

Silencer Shop conducts their own testing and evaluation of the  “cans” that it carries, giving consumers a no-BS look at what they can expect by embarking on the regulatory journey of controlled item purchase.


VSO has been working with Silencer Shop since November of 2015. Thus far we have seen an incredibly smooth ride. The selection of cans offered allows end users to directly compare technical aspects of each products under an impartial listing space rather than comparing compartmentalized manufacturer claims. VSO’s role is to provide 3rd party testing permutations of suppressors and firearms designs. 

Examples of products tested by VSO.

Ongoing testing playlist:


We strongly encourage anyone seeking to purchase any suppressor or other controlled item do their own research. You should take personal responsibility and know your local, state and federal regulations regarding the purchase and transfer of such items.  VSO is an objective test bed and does not endorse the sale of any product.