Team Wendy Targets

The once respected Team Wendy (tactical equipment manufacturer) has been receiving a great deal of flack lately due the their recent announcement that they would be throwing their hat into the political ring in support of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. Yes, you read that correctly. We aren’t talking about a visit to their facility, we are talking held a political event for her! To that effect, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PEOPLE!!! This is completely unacceptable, and Team Wendy should die a slow painful death for this treason. Most agree.




Team Wendy here is a lesson in business; alienate your clientele at your peril. The hate is in full effect. All you have to do is visit a TW social networking account (pick one, ANYONE) and you will find everything littered with negative comments. That is, if they haven’t scrubbed it by the time you get there. By my count, to date, there have been over 20 posts removed due to the backlash. Just goes to show you, try to buy political influence, hedge your bets on a big government contract, sell your soul to Satan, and your customers that have a choice with give you a great, big middle finger.  I personally will be smashing my helmet with a hammer and buying a competitor product. I hear its a good time to buy stock in Ops Core.

To support the F’ Wendy campaign we have put together some training aids for your next range session.

TW pistol copy

Download the PDFs here:

TW pistol

TW Rifle

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