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VSO is expanding its efforts to proliferate its content onto other platforms. This is being undertaken for multiple reasons; however, chief among those is the political alignment of Google/YouTube in direct opposition to many American values. We have known for some time that Google/YouTube takes political stances that do not align with ours. As a result, we must diversify to other platforms that respect and value the Constitution of the United States of America as it was written and envisioned by our founders.

We are not leaving YouTube. That would be stupid. However, if we are forced out due to the petty whims of some political action committee, we want you to be able to also take your viewership elsewhere and follow us.

Full30  is like YouTube for gun people…by gun people; It represents the pinnacle of visual media sUBSCRIBEcreation in the firearms industry. By virtue of being 100% owned, operated, and hosted by gun people it ensures our means to communicate digitally by eliminating the influence of special interest groups in online content hosting (seen previously with YouTube/Google during times of crisis)




The Big 3 East Event is a gathering of firearms content creators. Manufacturers/importers of firearms and related gear are brought in twice a year, along with added dates for other Big 3 special Events such as Shot Show in Las Vegas NV. Big 3 offers a more intimate and direct interaction between Content creators and Manufacturers like no other event in the U.S., allowing accurate information to be passed from the Brands you want to know more about from trusted sources in the Industry. 

VSO is a proud Big 3 East Media Contributor.